Maxwells Treats - The Treat Factory

The Treat Factory is a family business producing preserves, condiments, old fashioned confectionery and quality Belgian chocolates from recipes handed down over 4 generations.

They are the region's largest gourmet food providore, producing more than 300 varieties of jams, marmalades, sauces, chutneys, dressings, chocolates, confectionary and more. Their products have a strong reputation of quality winning many Fine Food awards over the years.

The Treat Factory is located in the historic Central Creamery in Berry, NSW, Australia. The Treat Factory is nestled adjacent picturesque dairy fields and the historic building in which it resides retains its original exterior and heritage charm. The heritage township of Berry is surrounded by rich dairy country, boutique eateries, wineries and is a thriving tourism destination.

The Treat Factory has been operating for 25 years and grown to become a popular tourist destination on the South Coast.

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