Kurrajong Australian Native Foods

Lee Etherington is the founder of Kurrajong Australian Native Foods and Wild Hibiscus Flower Company.  A born entrepreneur and also a passionate naturalist and foodie who has grown up exploring Australia’s Deserts, rainforests and woodlands. Having experienced native foods from an early age, and having a passion for cooking and unique foods it was a natural progression for Lee to start experimenting with Australia’s many bushfoods.

Lee started business early from humble beginnings with an adventure tour company designed around bushfoods.  He would share his knowledge and passion guiding tour groups through local bush and deep natural canyons of the Blue Mountains, northwest of Sydney.

As a memorable promotional gift he started making his own bushtucker jam to serve and give away in mini jam jars on his tours.  So Lee collected and de-seeded berries from the forest behind his home and made the first 1.5 liter batch of Lilli Pilli Conserve in his mother's kitchen and so Kurrajong Australian Native Foods was born!

The range grew quickly and Kurrajong Native Food products became highly sought after.  One taste, and the people were hooked! 

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