Disaster Bay Chillies

Disaster Bay Chillies is a partnership between Stuart Meagher and John Wentworth. John has been an organic market gardener for more than a decade and Stuart has been a chilli fanatic for at least as long.

By concentrating on quality rather than quantity and with a philosophy of “if it’s not right it’s wrong” Disaster Bay Chillies have picked up a string of awards nationally and internationally including awards in London and New Mexico.

Disaster Bay Chilli products have been developed to enhance the amazing array of tastes and textures found in the fresh chillies they grow.

Stuart and John maintain the quality of their products by growing their own chillies organically. They produce over 2 tonnes of chillies, which are hand harvested each season and then processed and cooked at a small factory in Eden. They grow up to a dozen different varieties of chillies from the very mild Anaheim Chilli to the fiery hot Habanero and Naga Chillies.

With the help of family and friends Disaster Bay Chillies has evolved into a successful, award winning business yet Stuart and John still maintain the home grown, hand-made approach that they began with.

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