Chicken 65 Curry


What you’ll need:

Total Yield 1.75 Kg

Serves 8

     Instructions to prepare:

    • In a pan add the diced chicken and mix with flour and sprinkle water to batter the fillets and pan fry. This will cook and make the chicken pieces crispy. Keep aside
    • In a separate pan, add oil,
    • Add the capsicums and pan fry very slightly, immediately afterwards add the water and spice mix. As this comes to boil, add the battered and cooked chicken pieces. Cover the pan to retain the juices
    • Simmer on low heat till sauce thickens up
    • Chicken 65 is ready to serve


    • Garnish with Coriander leaves and a wedge of lemon
    • Add a dollop of Butter while cooking for a better taste
    • You may wish to use chicken nuggets as a quicker alternative, instead of the raw chicken. Best made with Chicken Thigh fillets as they are juicier

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    Recipe by Curry Flavours