Bredbo Black Garlic

We live on a 60 ha farm about 10 minutes east of Bredbo Village in the Snowy Mountains. About seven years ago we read about black garlic in an airline magazine on a flight to Melbourne. We were intrigued by this new food idea, invented in South Korea, that was being used in some of the top restaurants around the world.
We have been growing garlic for over 15 years and have established a close relationship with Australian growers and the industry.
Having access to fresh, organic garlic encouraged me to pursue the idea of black fermented garlic. We age the raw garlic in a carefully  controlled environment with a stable temperature and high humidity for a up to 60 days. The result is a soft, chewy-textured black clove with a slightly sweet non-pungent flavour accompanied by hints of balsamic vinegar and liquorice. After several years of trial and error we are now producing a superb product, Australian Bredbo Black Garlic, that is successfully selling Australia wide and being acclaimed by chefs as the best black garlic they have ever tasted.
John & Mary Pye